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You are welcome to Pelaren if you have or have had mental illness. You can contact us yourself or together with someone to come on a study visit to the clubhouse. During the study visit, you get to know the clubhouse.

You will be met by a member + supervisor who will show you around the house and answer your questions. We have a discussion over a cup of coffee, after this you decide what you want to work on in the house. Membership is based on volunteering and you choose when you want to work at the clubhouse. 

In the clubhouse we focus on the work-oriented day, i.e. meaningful tasks. It consists, among other things, of working side-by-side to prepare lunch together, sitting at the reception and receiving guests, working in the office with newsletters or the column sheet, having contact with other clubhouses around the world. We have morning and afternoon meetings where the members present choose what they work on.

Every week we send out a newsletter to members with current information for the coming week.

Membership is free and lifelong.

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