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The history of the pillar

How it started

Åland's Fountainhouse was inaugurated on 17 March 2010, after two years of work and waiting. Minister of Social Affairs and Health Catrin Sjögrengave a very nice speech and then cut the ribbon. 

The clubhouse was named the Pillar, which is ambiguous:

Partly because the entrance is adorned by two pillars - one on each side.

But also because the clubhouse functions as a support in life.



Minister of Social Affairs and Health Catrin Sjögren cuts the ribbon at the inauguration of the Pillar on March 18, 2010



A three-year EU project


Åland's Fountainhouse started as a three-year EU project. This means that we were granted funds from the European Social Fund to start running this project.

The initiative was taken in 2007 by the Interest Association for Mental Illness on Åland - Reseda and Psychiatry at Åland Health and Medical Services. In September 2007, Karis Klubbhus was invited to Reseda to inform about its activities. In connection with the visit, a project was started with an interim board and Lotta Eriksson as project manager. The group's task was to investigate the need for a clubhouse on Åland and possibilities for support from the Åland ATM Association PAF, as well as psychiatry at ÅHS.

During the year 2008, the interim board had 10 meetings. And during the year 2009 5 meetings. And during the year 2010, the interim board had 3 meetings. The last meeting with the interim board was held on February 4, 2010, and Lotta Eriksson was hired as operations manager.

During 2008, study visits were made to Kari's clubhouse in Fontana and to Nyköping's clubhouse in Sweden. 
Lotta Eriksson was also in Kari's clubhouse Fontana for a week in December 2008 and participated in their activities. 

On 3 July 2008, Åland's Fountainhouse was approved as an association by the Patent and Registration Board. In the spring of 2008, information was sent to interested parties on Åland: Municipalities, regional government, ÅHS, FPA, AMS, the city of Mariehamn, insurance companies, banks, Reseda, all parishes, etc.

During the year 2008, Eva Malmberg, Stefan Malmberg, Martina Lindholm-Erikson and Lotta Eriksson also participated in the "Methods of Possibilities" in Stockholm. As well as 31 March - 1 April 2008 "at the conference on rehabilitation and support for people with mental illness".

In May 2008, an information session was held for interested parties and the public. Kari's clubhouse also participated on this occasion.

During the year 2008, Sandra Mattsson, Christian Beijar and Lotta Eriksson participated in the European clubhouse conference in Glasgow.

During the year 2009, Lotta Eriksson participated in the 10 year celebration of Kari's clubhouse Fontana. As well as being on a study visit to Fontana 7 October 2009.

During the year 2009, work was done on the financial side and the association applied for EU funds 3 times. The application was finally granted in December 2009, as a three-year EU project.

In October 2013, Pelaren was approved and certified as an international clubhouse.

From 2014, the clubhouse is financed to approx. 50% by PAF and the rest by the Åland municipalities according to various agreements.

The pillar was told that we had to move from our old premises on Kaptensgatan and started looking for a new one. In May 2014, we found what we were looking for and moved to fresh, larger premises at Strandgatan 7.



Lotta Eriksson - Initiator and business manager

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